Fresh tomato pasta

Had our Xmas staff party yesterday. Safely said I’m hanging out of my fucking arse today!
This is the easiest thing to cook and is massively tasty and pretty healthy. Absolutely anyone could make this and you fucking well should.

This recipe will feed 2 people or one dangerously hungover man:

250g cherry tomatoes
4 spring onions
extra virgin olive oil
white wine vinegar
Few splashed of Tabasco
200g spaghetti
Salt and pepper
A few basil leaves

Boil your kettle. Cook pasta till al dente.
In the mean time lump up your tomatoes however you fancy. Thinly slice your spring onions. Then basically make a salad dressing with your oil, vinegar and tobacco. You’ll probably use about 75-100ml of oil and about half of vinegar. You just want enough to coat the pasta nicely.

You’ll want to slightly over season the dressing with salt and vinegar, as you would for a salad dressing, as these will be muted when tossed through the hot pasta.
Toss everything together. Tear basil. Devour.


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